Hello, blogging world!


Why a blog, you may ask?

Like many visual communicators, I’m much more inclined to communicate with images rather than words. If you're an image-maker, you know: we’ve spent so many hours in the studio, figuring out how to say as much as possible with carefully crafted visuals. We’re so much more comfortable inventing characters and giving them the spotlight, or using color and movement to create a mood. 

Despite these instincts, I’m diving into blogging. This blog is intended to serve as a place to share ideas and insights about animation, storytelling, the industry, freelancing, juggling personal work versus client work, making films, and all the parts of life that go along with that. I’ll also post updates about my own work and process with the hope that sharing my experiments, ideas, and inspiration will be interesting to someone reading, and more importantly, open doors for collaboration and conversation. 

Why a blog, in the age of social media sites left and right? I’ve been on the internet since the 90’s, and I’m still on many a social media site. But I’ve seen platforms come and go, so I’d like a central place for thoughts to live.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you reader! Willing to let me know what you think? Why a blog? What topics would you like to discuss? Techniques to learn? Inspiration? Please, join the conversation!

My best,