NYC Ballet: "Family Saturdays"

This animated promo for the NYC Ballet "Family Saturdays" program tells the story of a young girl discovering her love for dance. Working with a top-notch team of animators, we translated director Thyra Heder's boards and illustrations into an animated spot. Tackling specific dance sequences from notable ballets such as Saranade, Firebird, Stars & Stripes, and The Nutcracker and bringing this charming story to life was a delightful undertaking. 

Client: New York City Ballet
Producers: Ellen Bar & Rebekka Bjornsdottir
Director/Illustrator: Thyra Heder
Animation Director: Stephanie Swart
Animation: Stephanie Swart, Marika Cowan, Peter Ahern, John Hughes, Natalie Labarre, & Elena Manetta.

February 2017