MTV Classic: Translator

Contributed animation for And/Or Studio's MTV Classic Translator & KHole interstitial.

“MTV Translator” takes a handful of classic MTV clips and “translates” them for a modern audience fluent in Internet slang.

“Classic K-Hole” replicates the feeling of searching for one thing, and falling into a lo-fi Internet K-Hole of amazing MTV clips. In this case, we curated clips around the search term “How to Make Friends.”

And/Or Team:
Creative Director, Design: Kelli Miller
Creative Director, Copy: Kendra Eash
Executive Producer: Nika Offenbac
Assistant Producer: Meredith Alloway
Design: Larisa Martin, Olga Povarchuk
Animation: Stephanie Swart, Olga Povarchuk
Editor: Matt Burke
Audio: Ian Sorrentino